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2019-9-24 17:14:00
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盧旺達咖啡被追捧, 成為第二屆咖啡師團體賽熱議話題

Rwandan Coffee Became a Hot Topic in the 2ndBarista Team Championship

9月20日, 第二屆中國咖啡師團體錦標賽開幕。本屆錦標賽由商務部流通產業促進中心主辦,中國咖啡產業聯盟CCIA承辦,盧旺達共和國駐華大使館和愛非盟AfriCo等單位支持.

On September 20, the 2nd China Barista Team Championship, which was sponsored by the Circulation Industry Promotion Center of the Ministry of Commerce, organized by CCIA, China Coffee Industry Alliance and supported by many organizations such as the Rwanda Embassy in China and AfriCo, was opened.

盧旺達咖啡豆成為本次大賽官方指定比賽用豆, 受到大賽評審團和參賽隊一致好評, 并引起了咖啡行業的關注. 現場還設有”盧旺達咖啡國家館”特別展示區, 展示了來自盧旺達的多款高品質咖啡和其他農產品, 引起無數觀眾駐足詢問和購買熱潮. 同時盧旺達咖啡杯測活動也吸引了咖啡愛好者們紛紛參與。盧旺達參展商代表Remy Muhirwa帶來了多支咖啡熟豆,不同風味的咖香引得觀眾和嘉賓一致好評。

时时彩网址Rwanda coffee beans, the officially designated competition beans for the competition, acquired all praises from judges and other teams and also attracted the attention of the coffee industry friends. A special exhibit area, the Rwandan Coffee Pavilion, was built on the site to show various high-quality coffee and other agricultural products from Rwanda. Numerous visitors stopped to ask and buy the products. At the same time the Rwandan coffee cupping activities also attracted lots of coffee lovers. Remy Muhirwa, a representative of Rwandan exhibitor, brought a number of roasted coffee beans. The remarkable coffee flavors got favorable comments from visitors and guests on the spot.


Rwandan Coffee National Pavilion


时时彩网址Bustling cupping

業內大咖齊聚高峰論壇 共商咖啡飲品文化趨勢

Industry leaders gathered at the Summit Forum to discusscultural trendsof coffee drinks

作為大賽的重要環節之一, “咖啡飲品品牌化發展高峰論壇” 由愛非盟AfriCo創始人李青女士主持,與五位咖啡業飲品行業的領袖大咖齊聚一堂,以咖啡和飲品品牌化發展為主線,分享了他們對當今的咖啡飲品文化趨勢的解讀與應對策略,全面覆蓋產業鏈上中下游。

As one of the important parts of the competition, Ms. Li Qing, the founder of AfriCo, hosted the “Forum of Coffee and Drinks Brand Development”. Five leaders from the coffee industry gathered to share their opinions and coping strategies to today's coffee culture trends with the main lines of coffee and coffee drinks brand development. The contents cover all industrial chains.

嘉賓主持: 愛非盟AfriCo創始人李青女士與行業嘉賓合影

时时彩网址Ms. Li Qing, founder of AfriCo, photo with guests.

盧旺達駐華使館商務參贊Samuel Abikunda先生致辭

时时彩网址Mr. Samuel Abikunda, the commercial counselor of Rwanda Embassy to China, delivering a speech

盧旺達駐華商務參贊Samuel Abikunda先生在演講致辭中介紹道:盧旺達是一個位于中東非的國家,地理環境優越,四季如春,海拔高, 非常適合種植咖啡。為了提高咖啡的質量和產量,行業戰略和行業轉型是當前盧旺達的重點工作。同時由盧旺達每年舉辦的COE“卓越杯”咖啡比賽,也成為了與外界咖啡人士溝通合作的重要橋梁。

Mr. Samuel Abikunda, the commercial counselor of Rwanda Embassy to China made an introduction in his speech. Rwanda is a country located in central and east of Africa. It enjoys a favorable geographical environment. The weather there is like spring all year around. With high altitude, Rwanda is very suitable for growing coffee. In order to improve the quality and production of coffee, Rwanda makes industry strategy and its transformation as the current priorities. The COE “Excellence Cup” Coffee Competition is held annually in Rwanda, which has built an important bridge to communicate and cooperate with coffee drinkers in the outside.


2019 Summit Forum of Coffee and Drinks Brand Development


位于非洲中東部赤道南側的內陸國家—盧旺達,境內多山,景色怡人,有“千丘之國”和“非洲小瑞士”的美稱。非洲出產的咖啡風味十分多樣,風味譜跨度可能是全球之首。不同種類的咖啡,不僅各有千秋,而且風味易于分辨。盧旺達咖啡以柔和順滑、具有豐富花果香氣和甜感著稱,近年正逐步占據世界精品咖啡領域一席之地, 受到全球越來越多咖啡愛好者的追捧。

Rwanda, located in central and east of Africa, in the south of the equator, is a landlocked country with many mountains and beautiful scenery. It enjoys the good name of “the country of thousand hills" and "little Switzerland in Africa". Coffee grown in Africa has a wide variety of flavors, which may cover the widest spectrum in the world. Different kinds of coffee have distinguishable flavors and it’s easy to tell them apart. Rwandan coffee is known for its softness, smoothness, rich floral & fruit aroma and sweet taste. In recent years, it has gradually occupied a place in the field of high-quality coffee in the world and been pursued by more and more coffee lovers around the world.

盧旺達參展商代表Remy Muhirwa

时时彩网址Representative of exhibitors of Rwanda, Remy Muhirwa


时时彩网址Rwandese coffees usually have rich tastes. They are sweet like cane sugar and soft sour like citrus and even grape acidity. Then it will be finished with the flavor of milk chocolate with caramel, which can make people feel soft and bright, full of sweet but easy to accept. With each new harvest, the quality of coffee continues to be improved. In recent years, African tourism has become very popular, but Africa's attractions are more than watching wild animals, visiting primitive tribes and enjoying natural scenery. Coffee is also a "golden icon" for Rwanda to show to the world.


时时彩网址Some Rwanda coffee beans cupped in the competition

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